Review of WAPT – a performance testing tool

While looking for a good performance-testing tool, I stumbled upon WAPT and got immediately attracted by its user-friendly design. This tool gives you freedom to generate a load, which stands pretty close to real life users.

As I went on evaluating this tool for my own requirements, I thought my research would come handy for those who are looking for something similar. And hence this post.

Let’s see what WAPT is about in more detail: WAPT focuses mainly on web application performance testing (HTTP/HTTPS protocol). The tool has two variants, WAPT and WAPT Pro. Both variants offer very user friendly GUI which helps to record and debug test scripts with minimum effort. WAPT allows you to record any kind of web application using desktop browser or mobile browser.

Key features of WAPT

1. Recording user profiles or scripts Recording user profiles is made very easy in WAPT (similar to many other performance testing tools). You click on the record button and can go through the user actions. But the interesting part of WAPT comes after recording. Zero coding or very little coding is required and almost all actions are included as functions. Hmm… nice!

2. Parameterisation Parameterisation is also made easy in WAPT by inbuilt functions that enable the use of a list of values as input. For example, the “Ordered List” function returns the values in the list one by one where as “Random from list” function will return random lines from the list of values…

Read full review of WAPT in this issue of Tea-time with Testers magazine, page 30.

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