Challenges of implementing CDT in a large organization

Published on Mar 03, 2015 by Lalit Bhamare

“Challenges of implementing CDT in a large organization” by Jean-Paul Varwijk

Imagine you are living in country that for the most part still heavily trusts and believes in standardized software testing and test certification. Imagine you are working for a company, with 45000+ employees, that previously created its own version of TMap for software testing. A part of that company, Rabobank International, then gets exposed to Agile Testing, Rapid Software Testing and Exploratory Testing in a span of less than two years. Learn what this exposure meant on an organizational level. See how it affected the ‘designated’ context-driven thought leaders and learn about their experiences. Discussions on future prospects of getting context-driven embedded and accepted into the organizational culture.

Video Credit: Association for Software Testing


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