Published on Sep 09, 2015 by Lalit Bhamare

QA&TEST 2015 travelling and stay schedule

QATEST’s 14th edition is coming. The next 14th, 15th and 16th of October, professionals and experts from Software QA and Testing on Embedded Systems will gather in Bilbao. Should you have any inquiry regarding the accomodation or the travelling schedule do not hesitate to contact us. We also have a permanent chat available on our website in order to answer all your questions.

The 14th QA&TEST edition comes nigh. The next 14, 15 and 16 of October, quality and testing embedded system software field will gather in Bilbao.


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Special 15% discount for early registration

QATEST’s 14th edition is nigh. Do not worry however, you still have time to register. Since the 1st of August to the 16th of September you can benefit from the special 15% discount for early registration. Register yourselves before that day and you will be able to enjoy this offer.

Equally, if you want to come with your testing team, contact us and discover our special group discounts.

Last days for super early bird discount!

We inform you that there are still two days left to benefit from the special 20% discount for early registration. Register before 31st July and you will enjoy a special 20% discount.

Equally, if you want to come with your testing team, contact us and discover our special group discounts.


All the secrets of the Testing Techniques, in Track 3

QA&TEST will have six presentations focused on Testing Techniques, gathered around track 3, all along Thursday 15th. The track will start with the presentation of Alejandro Méndez, who will talk about the different ways in which the Test team can participate in the project planning in order to improve the testability of the system. Gery Owen will discuss the approach and test strategy for testing Smart Home technology and its integration with Utility applications while Itai Lahat will explore new testing methods, developed in one of Intel’s validation groups, for testing Embedded Systems with emphasize on Observability and Controllability.

Track 4 will be completed with the presentations of Olivier Casse and Sachin Thayappa Asangi. The last one will focus on understanding the challenges in a distributed car infotainment project with respect to test setup used during development, testing and maintenance of the product. Olivier Casse will show the risks that embedded software developers are facing and how to overcome this challenge and how to test Code Coverage on smallest targets.


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